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Thread: Best Knife Profile

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    Cadillac, I figured you'd cite the Takeda kiritsuke-gyuto

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    I'm new to the J-knife scene but I prefer a flatter profile for most uses. I'm currently enjoying a 240mm Moritaka gyuto.

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    For me its a tie between Heiji 240 and a Kikuichimonji honyaki 270 gyuto. Both are amazing in their own ways but different knives all together. The Heiji is might with just about nothing wrong with it. I love the bevels...
    The honyaki is incredible. Almost a suji but not quite. Gotta love a knife that is thick at the spine and tapers to almost invisible at the tip. I would imagine the Masamoto honyaki is pretty similar to this knife.
    Gotta get my hands on one of those Masamoto.

    Has anyone handled both the KS and the honyaki? Similarities? Differences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainaman View Post
    Shigefusa and Mizuno for me.
    these two have been getting a lot of love around here lately and now i am curious...

    favorite profile was takayuki grand cheff until i got my konosuke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    Masamoto KS.

    *SO* hot.
    I just ordered one, I hate this forum
    Enablers! All of ya! Lol

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    my kramer modeled after a shigefusa

    love the masamoto as I am a push cutter/slicer kind person

    konosuke white 1 fujiyama is nice for an all arouner

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    Nenox for both gyuto and suji.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echerub View Post
    Cadillac, I figured you'd cite the Takeda kiritsuke-gyuto
    I think a double-bevel kiritsuke might have the best profile for my cutting style too... And if you want to get specific, here's what I think the ideal geometry looks like (going to place a custom order once I decide on the knife maker ) :

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Interesting that you round the heel. I just tried the Addict out and did not like the rounded heal at all. I felt like it wasted the back part of the blade.
    It is funny that you say that. The way I cut, the back part of the blade is sorta wasted if it is flat. I push cut for some things and rock chop for a lot of things as well. I've tried to learn to push cut for everything but I find it very hard when the pressure is on

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    Here are my two favs. One by me modeled after Masamoto is still being tweaked, but Shigefusa profile is dead on. I also like Shigefusa geometry (including distal taper) better than that of Masamoto, particularly of Masamoto honyaki. The Shigefusa gyuto in the picture is not a custom thickness order, but I like it much better than than custom thickness batch I received. This is my reference knife now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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