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I guess I am just itchy to try new things!
That's me, so I go on and buy the higher grit stones knowing full well that they aren't necessary. I get so much pleasure out of sharpening and ending up with a very nice polished edge that it's worth spending the money and time going this route. It's also a lot of fun testing my edges on the pages of the WSJ and seeing/hearing the improvements as I progress to the finer grit stones. Some say that this is a time waster and prematurely wears out the knife. Since I'm retired I've got all the time in the world until my personal clock stops. And as far as prematurely wearing out the knife, well I have 9 gyutos and will give each of them a three or four stone sharpening job maybe once every 30 days or so. At that rate they'll last me 10 or more years and that's without me buying any more knives, which is unlikely.

I bought a 10k Chosera based on feedback I read from several years ago from Dave and another fellow, whom we do not speak, about how great that stone is. If the 10k stone was a great finishing stone in the past, it still is today and that's probably about as far as I'll go. Well maybe a Gesshin 15k could find a home here.