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Thread: My Carter mistake was rectified big time!

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    My Carter mistake was rectified big time!

    Hi Everyone,
    So a while ago i started up this thread: which showed a slight error when M. Carter got my order out the door. Long story short, he fixed the error and the knife has arrived. Pics to follow

    Knife came in the mail, next to Howard, my pet ginger stem (found him growing in the wrong cupboard)

    Lovely profile on that IP funayuki

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    Awesome! I love me carter. Im so impressed by my 150 so im going to buy a 180-190. Gonna post some pics when i come home from vacation

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    Trying to do this shot without a macro lens

    The handle has excellent finish, a neat little mosaic pin and red spacers of some sort.

    It really is quite a nice western handle

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    So all in all, this was what I got in the end for my troubles. The original knife that shipped generously given by Carter to me for the mix up, and the replacement IP Funayuki that was what I ordered during his big shift sale at 40% off.

    All in all a really great buy for less than $500 (for both), even without considering the free knife. And these knives are not half bad. In fact, they are DAM good.

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    Very nice! With the money you saved, you can rehandle that fugly one!

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    Tristan, you are one lucky SOB! Haha

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    Yeah, I would say the second one came out a little nicer than the first one.

    Is the front edge of the bolster a hard sharp edge? It looks very crisp from the photos. I like the pattern on the bolster material though.
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    That one looks a lot like mine. How long is it?


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