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Thread: Macarons

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    My girlfriend spent a few weekends trying to perfect these last year and in the end they were very good. It seemed that you can under mix as well as over mix though as the macronage needs to be loose enough to form a smooth shape. If it's too stiff and under beaten the you'll get a peak from the piping nozzle. It needs to flow slightly when you shake the tray. Leaving them to dry before cooking also helps form a skin and prevents the surface cracking during cooking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bprescot View Post
    We've been talking about fillings and flavors and we've identified the following as potentials to try:
    - Chocolate Ganache
    - Matcha
    - Salted Caramel
    - Blackberry Jam (It's blackberry season down here and I've been jamming every other weekend, so we are overflowing in the stuff)
    - Chocolate and Peanut Butter
    - Prune (Thanks Steeley!)
    Every dessert should taste like salted caramels and bourbon.

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    So I figured I should post our results. Over all not too bad! And it was a lot of fun. The Matcha-White Chocolate ganache was the only spectacular failure. Everything else was either okay or better. The favorites are below.
    On the left is a matcha macaron with a vanilla blackberry jam filling. And on the right is a chocolate macaron (yes, yes. i didn't mix the macaronage enough. Sue me!) with a chocolate ganache and salted caramel filling.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice!


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    Those look delicious! Good job.

    Did you tell her about the aged egg whites?

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