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Thread: Seasoning pans and foods that kill seasoning

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    Sugary bacons kill my pans. The sugar caramelizes and just rips up the seasoning.
    I think that happens to me as well. I was wondering why when I cook bacon it doesn't make my pan more non-stick. It ends up sticking a bunch of gunk on the bottom of the pan that is difficult to get off.

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    Get your pans hotter before you put the bacon in. Just like onions -- cook 'em fast and hot, they fry. Cook 'em low and slow, they caramelize.

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    This is funny, because making bacon is the best thing I can do for my cast iron pan. Perhaps it is because you are putting them in a cold pan. Why would you do that? Don't you want to hear it sizzle?!

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    I put my bacon in the cold pan and use low heat for the first rendering part and don't have any problem with the seasoning. The bacon comes out with a more "meaty" texture as opposed to being brittle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    ... as opposed to being brittle.

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