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Thread: Welcome to Kitchen Knife Forums!

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    Question vintage Sabatier

    Greeting Forum,
    My hobby is Estate sales and vintage kitchen knives in particular and Sabatiers in particular particular. I love to find these treasures for a buck or two and see them on ebay for a lot more. Plus I love the feel of these treasures and the ease of sharpening. To view my Kitchen collection you would think that all my knives are junk (except for any one who really appreciates these works of art.) My question is this. I have found a lot of different Sabatiers over the past years.... lions, trumpets, elephant etc. but recently I picked up a half dozen in one household, and even though it is hard to see because of the age, it appears that the logo is that of a pig. At first I thought it was an elephant that had its trunk wore off but after careful examination I really believe these are pigs. I could not find anything else on the internet about this particular brand of Sabatier so I am hoping that maybe there is an expert out there who has seen such an animal. (the knife... not the pig). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    I have been in the industry for a little over 10 years. Starting from the bottom. Ran a family restaurant
    For the past three years in the summer and working country clubs in south Florida for the winter. Now have a new head chef job at a small resort. Thought I'd join the crew.

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    Greeting from Lithuania. Found your forum by searching japanese knives and information about japanese steels. Food preparing is kinda hobby for me. Im doing it at home for self and family. Sorry for my english language skills

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    No worries man. Good to have a Baltic man in the house!

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    Hi All,

    Another new member saying Hi!

    I own a small retail cookware shop and currently sell the usual suspects in mass produced American, German, Japanese, etc knives. Hoping to expand my knowledge of hand made kitchen knives. Another member of this forum suggest I join. I doubt I will have much to contribute to discussions, so I will probably just lurk and learn for a while.


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    Hello All

    Hello KKF,
    My name is Troy and I am a Canadian chef at large travelling around the world. I have been cooking professionally for about 8 years and have used all kinds of knives and steel. As of late I seemed to have developed an affinity for good damascus and Japanese Blue knives. I am always looking to expand my collection and love reading all the threads on this form about different steels and their workability and uses. Maybe one day I will even try to build my own!

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    New here...


    I found this forum via both BladeForums and the Wicked Edge Forums at virtually the same time.

    Thought I'd best check it out...

    My Dad was a sharpener of edges of all kinds: powersaws, hand saws, garden tools, shovels, axes and especially knives. He was the resident, goto sharpener in a logging camp. I remember at 5-6 years old sitting on a stool watching him sharpen as other men sat around the wood stove and talked.

    As long as I remember wearing pants with pockets there's been a knife with me in some way shape or form. But, never as sharp as my father's.

    I've focused on other things my whole life, now semi-retired, I can let sharpening have some time and focus in my life. And I love it.

    I've purchased several of the newer sharpeners (Worksharp & Wicked Edge) and find that there is still skill involved that needs to be developed.

    This new sharpening avocation has already led me to Eugene, OR for the Oregon Knife Collector's annual knife show. Amazing experience.

    Then, last weekend what was called the 1st Annual Seattle Custom Knifemakers Show. It was even better -- 50+ of the nation/world's top knifemakers all in one place. The Friday pre-function was at a local forge and we got to watch some of these masters at work forging, hammering, quenching and sharpening.

    At this point, I have mostly questions but will answer and reply if and when I can.

    Thanks, all, for being here....

    For Now,


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    Welcome on board Gib

    Sent from my iPhone using Kitchen Knife Forum

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    I went ahead and started posting before introducing myself, but hey better late than never.

    My name's Jeff, I live in Bangkok, I'm an obsessive home cook on a finite budget. This forum came up in Google searches about freehand sharpening, which I am new (but committed) to.

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