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Thread: Which knife is better

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    Which knife is better

    ..I want to buy my first knife so i've searched a little and i am between these two..A Santoku Knife 7" by okami knives apanese Stainless Steel, VG10, And A Handmade-Damascus-VG10-Steel-Chefs-Knife-Gyuto-7-8-inch-Full-Tang-Wood-Handle i am really ew to all this stuff so i want to know which of these is better and some info about whether i sharpen it with steel sharpener or sharpener stones..Ty for your attetion looking forward your answers.

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    Take a look at some of the vendors on this forum. They have a great selection of similar knives at many price levels and different steel types. Steeling these kind of knives are generally not recommended. Stones. There's a questionnaire here to fill out to help with choices. I suggest a little more research before buying.

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    Glad to see another looking for quality knives. For me they make cooking a pleasure.

    When you encounter Japanese knives with lengths expressed in inches vice mm, you should run not walk away. +1 on filling out the "which knife?" questionnaire at the top of this forum. You will get recommendations (usually) based on your requirements. Have fun shopping.
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