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Thread: Welcome to Kitchen Knife Forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Niloc View Post
    Agghhh looks like home.
    If ya don't know me all ready you most likely don't want to

    Don't let him fool you, Colin is a good guy!

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    Hello again. I haven't posted in a very long time. Just got the email today. But since you (Dave)were extremely helpful when I was learning about knives, I wanted to support you. What was the motivation to start your own? Again, it's been awhile.

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    Hi All,

    Looking forward to using this forum.

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    What's up everybody?! Glad to help get this ball rolling.
    Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

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    Hey Dave, thanks for putting this together. Looks like quite the group forming already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    I would like to say thank you for the new sandbox Dave and also join you in welcoming everyone to the new forum.

    Hello. I am Leisureknife. Where do I put the link to my blog?

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    Hey every one, glad to be here. Congrats Dave.

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    Congrats fella's, good looking new forum!

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    Hello All. Finaly a forum where the my post count matches everyone elses. Great to be here and congrats Dave!

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    Hi All!!

    I'm glad to join this Forum!!

    I am a knife and stone addict!!!!!...... and I'm sure this Forum will help me with my addiction!!!!

    My latest stones arrived today, only ordered them on Friday, from Jon at Japanese Knife Imports. Got the 'Gesshin' 1000 grit and 5000 grit and my first impression is very positive! It took only a few minutes to put a push cut edge on my Devin Thomas AEBL petty; also put a screaming edge on my HD petty.

    Dave I wish you the best of success with your new forum!!!!


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