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Thread: Welcome to Kitchen Knife Forums!

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    First time poster....long time lurker. Great site.

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    Heya, from Portland!

    My introductory forum thread hasn't been approved yet (not sure what the turn-around time is for that), so I figured I'd try posting here for my intro. My name is Gary; I'm a long time lurker and lifelong epicurean, in addition to being a knife nut (though I've only been at it for a few years). I'm a geek with very specialized interest and a taste for all things bespoke, fringe, weird and nuanced, though my knife collection isn't as cool as I want it to be, yet (one day!). Here are my two most recent purchases, hand made by Takeo Murata:

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    hello guys!

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    Hello everybody!!!!! HIIIII!

    My name is Michael, most everyone calls me Mikey at work. I've been in the industry for 25 years mostly cooking and I went to the school of hard knocks eastern USA, it's what I like to do and everything that I have learned has been on hands with blood, sweat, tears and repetition! I have been cooking at the Carolina Country Club in Raleigh, NC for the past 4.5 years and I really enjoy being there. I look forward to learning from this forum more about knives and such!!!

    Bacon Bandit!!!

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    Thank you, I really like this forum ,and I got a lot of information here.

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    Hi I'm Dan, 23 and I live in a average size town in Australia. I've been lurking around the forums her for a few weeks trying to find answers to all my dumb questions haha so I thought I may as well become a part of it. I'm about to start an apprenticeship after working in kitchens for a bit over a year.

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    Welcome! Seems like we have quite a few Australian members. The more the better!

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    Welcome Dan! KKF is a great learning experience. Youll enjoy it!
    Amat Victoria Curam Fortune favors the prepared.
    "A human being is primarily a bag for putting food into." -George Orwell

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    Thanks for the welcome messages yeah I've learnt a fair bit already the gf already hates it because of how long I spend reading

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