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Thread: Welcome to Kitchen Knife Forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The BoardSMITH View Post
    Now, now Colin. Mind your manners.
    Now that the Irish have landed......

    You can consider that little problem solved

    And I ain't no Priest or Saint:o

    Going through the list of new members - its a veritable who's who of kitchen knives!

    Best of luck with it Dave.

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    I am here too.

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    Great to be here... Strange how much this feels like home, already.

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    Congrats on the new site Dave. About time I stopped lurking on sites and finally joined one haha

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    Hello everyone.

    I hope there’s room for an avid home cook, wannabe knife enthusiast to come aboard. My interest in Japanese cutlery started about a year or two ago. I’ve learned a lot, but have only scratched the surface. Japanese knives, especially the single bevel ones are a whole new can of worms from the European cutlery that I was used too.

    Dave, I just read and was deeply saddened by what happened on the other forum. Regardless of whatever fubar occurred, your contributions, advice, and willingness to help is beyond reproach. I can’t thank you enough for helping and inspiring me to become better at sharpening. I’m glad to see you’ve formed a new forum and look forward to learning more.

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    Love the layout of this BB -- far superior in looks and ease-of-use compared to some others.
    Doug Collins
    Hermosa Beach, California

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    Hi All!

    Just checking in with all the people I know & introducing myself to those I haven't met yet. The place looks great & very promising!

    Way to go, Dave!

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    As way of formal intro- I am an avid home cook, woodworker, motorcycle nut, retired goldsmith. I have been making woodworking tools from scratch for some time, as well as customizing an old '65 Triumph motorcycle. I acquired my first J knife last December, a Takeda gyuto, followed by a Tanaka ironwood handled R2 petty.
    Right now I am in the process of making a wa-honesuki out of O1 that will have an ebony/maple burl handle. My wife said I couldn't buy more knives so I'm making them!
    Progress is a bit slow right now as I broke a bone in my foot at the end of December that isn't healing right, butt I have faith that I will be back to full steam before too long.

    Best regards, Spike Cornelius

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