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Thread: Sharpening Services and Sharpening Classes

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    Senior Member wenus2's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Lmao, I was gonna ask how you had time to cook such a meal!

    Nice job straightening that sucker out, no dice on a before pic?

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    Feb 2011
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    no joke, i got about 1/2 way through and realized i hadnt taken a before pic. Its the third time this week i've done a major repair and forgot to take pictures. I get so excited about the sharpening challenge that i space out on everything else. It was really bad though. The shinogi line and edge were converging lines and the bevel width near the tip was only about 3mm or so. The birds beak was about 6-7mm in depth (as in if the edge were suppossed to be in one place, the deepest part in the curve on the birds beak was about 6-7mm back from there. The shinogi line was wavy beyone variations of 2-3mm. The knife started off at about 280mm or so today (was 300mm brand new) and is now about 250mm (and i removed as little as possible).

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    Airville, PA
    Very nice repair job Jon.

    BTW, I'm very envious of your new toy.

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    Nice work. I have never seen such a used up knife look that good.

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