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Thread: Konosuke HD 210 petty, baseless Rika, SS2k, raw horsebutt

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    Konosuke HD 210 petty, baseless Rika, SS2k, raw horsebutt

    Getting rid of a few things so I can pay for a custom order. I'm happy to sell internationally, but will have to adjust prices for shipping:

    Konosuke HD 210mm petty with rosewood & pakkawood handle - Great knife, but I hardly ever use it. It's been sharpened 4-5 times, only on the Rika, so the bevel is still tiny. There are some very faint scratches on the blade from when my wife washed it with the rough side of a sponge, but I can't capture them with my camera. Also, I modified the saya by cutting a curve into the bottom (details here) and finished it and the handle with mineral oil. IIRC, the rosewood handle was an extra $35, plus a 3 month wait, so if you buy it from me, you'll save $55 and 3 months of sanity Asking $200 shipped anywhere in the US.

    Baseless Suehiro Rika 5k - Bought new from blueway Japan for $62 shipped, IIRC. I'm a bit sorry to see this one go, but I'm through with soakers. Used less than a dozen times, still has 22.5mm of height left. Asking $50 shipped anywhere in the US.

    Naniwa Super Stone 2k, baseless 2cm - Bought new from another forum member, on the assumption it was splash and go. A word of caution: you can use it splash and go, but it's not ideal and should be soaked 5 min before use. As you can see from the pictures, it could use a good lapping. Used maybe 3-4 times, still has 19.5mm of height left. Asking $35 shipped anywhere in the US.

    Horsebutt - I bought a whole hide, chopped it up, and kept the nicest pieces. Each piece is roughly 3.5" wide, the longest on the left is a hair over 12" and the shortest on the right is 9.25". Keep in mind they all have some variation in thickness, and need to be prepped before use. Asking $7 for any of the left three, $5 for any of the right three, shipped anywhere in the US.

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    Need some work stones, pm sent.

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    Both stones and one of the larger pieces of horsebutt have been sold.

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    The Konosuke is sold, just 5 pieces of horsebutt left... make me an offer! I'd be willing to sell the whole lot for cheap.

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