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Thread: Refinishing a Knife

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    I believe that an 8000 waterstone is more like 2-4 micron, fwtw. .5 micron is really fine, diamond paste territory.
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    i use the large micro-mesh pads. if you don't spend enough time on a coarse grit to put an even scratch pattern on the blade and remove the original scratch completely then it won't matter how much time you spend polishing with finer grits. i wouldn't use stones, personally (except for finger stones). either get micro-mesh pads or a range of wet/dry sandpaper and a rubber sanding block.

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    so today i decided to try and fix it, and put some turtle wax (30K grit) on a kitchen towel, strapped it to an old sander, and went to town. the result isnt really mirror, the scratches are still there, but it defined them in a way that looks really worn in, and kinda bada$s. i really like it, and its really hard to describe. from some angles its mirror polished, but from others its this gnarly looking knife that has appeared to have seen it all. its really kinda cool.

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    Didn't happen without some pics. Really, let's see how it turned out.

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    gotta get a camera, first. cell phone kinda sucks.

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