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Thread: Restaurant bans young children

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    Mr Drinky has probably hit on the "best" answer to this problem that has been present since like forever. however, I think what prompted the ban was the general "to hell with it" attitude that most parents with not so well behaved kids take with regards to discipline...

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    I work in a fine dining restaurant and we have a similar policy. We have, however, bent the rules on many occasions....... I always know when I see "buttered pasta" show up on a ****** dupe.... Seriously? you're bringing a little kid to an oldschool classic french restaurant who can only stomach buttered pasta?
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    So my outing with my 6-month-old went well. The couple next to us complimented us on how well behaved the little one was. I took her out of the restaurant one time, however, to change the scenery when I could see things might deteriorate.

    The restaurant was fabulous too. It was a semi-finalist for the James Beard best restaurant 2011.

    Here were some highlights:
    * Sweetbread agnolotti with pretzels, mustard and radishes
    * Berkshire pork tongue with house made sauerkraut, salt pork, potato and rye bread
    * Duck fat fried duck egg with house made ramp and asparagus kimchee and miso paste
    * Broiled swordfish belly with yuba knot, hon shimeji mushrooms, spring onion and tofu puree
    * Veal chuck roast with king crab, fava beans and spinach

    And my baby had 6 ounces of milk

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    Yowza! No buttered noodles??
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    That's what I'm talking about, Drinky.

    My daughter(2yrs) eats what we eat. She hates onions and shrimp, but she always tries them(sometimes after spitting at us a little).

    At the sushi bar, we had customers who would bring their kids in when they are little, and then when they are like 10-13, they are leaning over saying "Oo, mommy, can we have the Toro Sashimi?" and "They have Mirugai, daddy!". Good parents.

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    When our kids were younger we took them out all the time to kid friendly places including sushi bars.

    But even then the moment they cried, whined, screeched or did anything that might bother another patron, one of us took the kid outside until they settled down. We had it arranged ahead of time whose turn it was. I remember comforting my baby daughter outside for 15 minutes while my wife enjoyed her lobster!

    Kids are going to act like kids inside a restaurant or outside. They don't know the difference but the paying customers do.

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    Its not so much the kids that are the problem, its the parents. It is they who decide whether to allow their children's behavior affect others. One of my pet peeves is the ultra sonic shrieking that parents find so soothing.

    Yo Parents your freaking kids are bothering everyone in the room... Take em outside dammmmmit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 99Limited View Post
    I've actually gone up to parents that had well behaved small kids and complemented them. I know it makes them feel good and I glad I did it. Families with noisy kids, I just let them slide.
    I can't tell you how helpful this is for parents. This has happened to us a few times and we remind the kids before we enter restaurants how much people appreciate it when they behave - and remind them about the times when people have told them they are well behaved. It makes them proud - and us ,too! Good on you!!!

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    I'll continue to take my kids wherever it pleases me to take them. If folks around me appear agitated, I encourage my kids to talk louder and, if need be, throw their food. When they were younger I took great delight in changing their diapers on the table. When people stomped away because of the smell I always felt like I had essentially marked my territory. Felt good!

    O.K., maybe I haven't done those things - but my kids mean more to me than anyone else in the world, and if I want them to join me for a nice dinner the last thing I'm worried about is if some fool doesn't like a little commotion. And for "chefs" who don't appreciate "dumbing down" the order because my kid can't handle spicy food: just put what we asked for on the plate, and I'll pay the restaurant 10 times what it's worth. That way we are both happy. (maybe that was a bit over the top...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by monty View Post
    (maybe that was a bit over the top...)

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