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Thread: Saya or other knife guard?

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    I should have clarified. The slicer ones have been working fine as long as you don't put thick knives in them. If you put thick knives in them, they will open up and become loose. I put a 5 inch old Wusthof in a slicer edge guard and it started to get loose.

    The chef knife edge guards open up no matter what's in them; you're best off using these for thicker knives. I have a 10 inch (I believe) chef knife edge guard for a Forscher Scimitar. The knife barely stays in it and it's the only knife that i've ever put in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dehory View Post
    I have a set of these. (I chose to stay away from sayas because: a) for the price of one, I could buy enough Edge-Mags for almost all of my knives; b) the rather utilitarian-looking Edge-Mags don't scream "I have a fancy Japanese knife!" and are less tempting for a light-fingered kitchen mate.)

    I recommend them because they're easy to clean and are an economical and scratch-free way of protecting knives in transit. Having dropped knives in these guards on several occasions, I've found them to be pretty sturdy. (I'd be more afraid of a saya cracking or denting.) The stiffness (or lack thereof) is not so much a problem because the magnets have a nice tendency to hold multiple guards together in a bundle. They've also never slipped off while inside a knife kit, which I've experienced with plastic edge protectors.

    For me, the main drawback beside those you mentioned is that they're pretty heavy. The one I've got on my Masamoto HC 24cm gyuto (235g) weighs about 130g. If you have a knife kit full of these, that really adds up. Also, even the smallest size is too large for paring or petty knives unless you take a pair of scissors to them (which I understand is possible).

    Incidentally, before I got the Edge-Mags, I'd read reports of possible rust issues. I haven't encountered problems with my carbon steel knives, but I can imagine if one might if one didn't dry the blades scrupulously and left them enclosed for several days.
    Those are them. I have a bunch esp for my longer blades. I haven't had anything rust except when someone else is packing blades wet in them, as you mentioned.

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    Thanks for all the info guys, i did end up ordering the saya but i am also going to some edge mags to replace some of the plastic guards i have now. I also do notice that get get looser over time and i have actually cut through a few of them.

    the saya also wont fit in my bag i dont think however it might, but i do switch my knives out here and there so i will have the saya for longer storage and the edge mags for traveling should work out pretty well.

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    If I had sayas for all my knives, I'd use them exclusively. They are superior to any other travel storage in every way except price.

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