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Thread: Kitchen Knife Glossary

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    also, kata-ha is more commonly pronounced kataba

    Jon beat me to it.

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    Also might want to add aoniko and shironiko for blue #2 steel and white #2 steel respectively.

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    Nice job , thats a lot of work you put into this. Im not 100% sure but do you mean Differential Heat Treat – A process in which ONE part of a single piece of steel is heat treated differently than another part.

    You have: A process in which on part of a single piece of steel is heat treated differently than another part.

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    Yes I did mean that. I also reworded it a little, so it makes more sense. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post

    Here is one you forgot:

    First of all, great job, and strong work.

    I agree that OOTB is so often used, that many newbies would benefit from this being in the list. Also, knife parts might be very general, but terms like choil, machi etc. get used all the time and might be useful.

    Another helpful feature might be first names: Dave, Mark, Jon, Salty, Butch etc. It took me a good year to figure all that stuff out.

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    Nice work


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    I've added all the suggestions.

    I didn't put peoples names on there since that is less of a Glossary and more of a Directory. I started to put names and their abbreviations, but it got way out of hand, and I couldn't keep straight who to put on there and who not to--the only fair thing would be to put absolutely everyone. Devin Thomas on here because that is a brand name that gets abbreviated often. If you google "DT 240" you get a bicycle wheel. "Devin Thomas 240" is a knife.

    Next, I am going to finish up a "What knife to buy?" questionnaire I am working on for newbies that links back to the definitions for "grip" and "cutting motion". After that, I think a detailed knife anatomy is in order. It's just that describing things like "ferrule" is far more effectively done by pointing to a picture. I tried to keep knife parts off this list, unless they were more relational concepts(like "belly" and "secondary edge").

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    Secondary Bevel – the bevel before(closer to the cutting edge than) the primary bevel.
    Primary Bevel – The bevel closest to the spine, that isn’t the face. On Kata-Ha knives, the primary bevel is the bevel closest to the spine that isn’t the blade road itself.

    The primary bevel is the actual cutting edge, the secondary bevel is above that.

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    that's great! every forum needs a glossary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    The primary bevel is the actual cutting edge, the secondary bevel is above that.
    I will confidently assert, in spite of your massive expertise, that it is in fact the opposite.

    Every diagram and definition I've seen puts it the other way around!

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