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Thread: Gesshin Ino- La Pièce de Résistance

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    Gesshin Ino- La Pièce de Résistance

    Gesshin Ino 300mm Blue #2 Suminagashi Yanagiba with Karin Western Handle and Ho Wood Saya

    This one is not yet up for sale on the site... i just put it up so you would be able to see.

    This is a truly one-of-a-kind knife. For various reasons, we will never be able to have one of these made again. The story of this knife began in 2010, when Sara and I went to visit Ino's shop. While there, I saw a similar knife and I inquired about having one made for us. It was not possible, as the blacksmith had passed away. Over the next few months, we spoke back and forth about this knife... working out the details of how it was to be made, until all was finally decided. Then came a hitch in the plan... the handle maker was no longer making those handles with Karin and had no Karin left. Well, he managed to scrounge up one last piece and it went onto this handle. And the rest is history.

    This is one of those knives I have been waiting for with so much anticipation and, now that it is here, I keep wishing i could just keep this one for myself. Oh well... we wouldn't be much of a knife shop if we kept the best ones for ourselves.

    NOTE: The box says 270mm, but it is a mistake. The blade measures just shy of 300mm from heel to tip.

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    That has to be worth at least two Dodge Neons.

    Oh. My. Gooses.

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    lol... so good news and bad news for you guys.

    The knife is now sold... sorry. But, now that the knife is sold, you can stop wondering what you need to sell/trade to get it

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    I would pay more for that than I would for a Kramer

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    stunning knife Jon, truly. Congrats for the sale and the buyer. so who bought it? fess up!

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    Looks just like a Nenox to me, but waaayyy nicer.
    Any link between them, Jon?
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    Wow. Gorgeous!

    Just curious, is this the most expensive knife you've had in your store?

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    Seriously? It is out of stock already???

    Owner, reveal yourself!

    But John you need to really stop this run of pornography. It is getting crazy out of hand. You should space it out and think of the children. The children Jon, the children. They aren't going to get their new school clothes this year.

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    Looks to me like someone showed Pierre a nenox gyuto and said they wanted a damasteel slicer.

    JK. Though it does look like that to me, that would still be an amazing knife! Your shop has got to be the sweetest place in the world.

    Plus that story makes it, like, some kind of reflection on, you know, the transient nature of life and stuff.

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    haha... you guys crack me up

    for what its worth, its not the most expensive knife we've ever had in our store... Is may be one of the most beautiful though.

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