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Thread: My take on Masamoto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    no wabi-sabi here (in my book it's an excuse for a poor workmanship)
    Whoa, I was just talking to a friend of mine about this a few hours ago. While I appreciate wabi-sabi as an exercise in the acceptance of the imperfect and impermanent--everything is burning, they say--I don't think it's much of a selling point. Maybe in my little rock garden, but not in fine cutlery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    Some pics of my knives I made.

    There is slight difference in profile, grind and weight on both knives. One weighs 213g (with handle) and the other 230g. The balance point on the lighter one is at the handle, and the heavier over the heel.

    Making these knives gave me a good idea where I need to improve and do things differently. Though I m pleased with the outcome, I am still a few knives away before offering any for sale.

    Next step is to make a couple of knives in different steels and send them for testing and feedback.

    PS: The one with patina I am keeping.

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    Just awesome - me want

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