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Tsukasa Hinoura is recognised as one of Japan's finest blacksmiths and is known for his amazing treatment of folded damascus steel, in the River Jump series.
His son Mutsumi works beside him and produces a range called the Ajikataya, which is Shirogami # 2 steel with an iron cladding, in the kurouchi style. This means that the knife is essentially a full-carbon knife and you will get razor sharp blade edges from the fine grained Hitachi steel used.
Handles are red ebony, apart from the Nakiri which has a couple of shades of blonde buffalo ferrule, giving it a very distinctive look. Look here:


If you've never considered a Nakiri then you may be missing out on the knife which was especially designed to cut vegetables and does a great job of it.

And don't forget the excellent Tadafusa Nashiji knives as a more economical alternative to the Hinoura.


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