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Thread: Gihei ZDP189 and HAP40 knives

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    Gihei ZDP189 and HAP40 knives

    A few more knives arrived from Japan.

    Gihei ZDP189 knives in 240mm Gyuto, which is not a normal length for these knives, usually coming only up to 210mm. The factory decided to make some 240s and we got a few of them and e don't know how long, if ever, they will be produced again. One thing for certain is that they are not a production item.

    We also got the first of the HAP40 knives in Gyuto 200mm. These are not the ones sold in Europe with the Charred charcoal handles, but come with Magnolia with a BH ferrule. A worthwhile upgrade for not a lot extra in the price. These are available now, as will the Nakiri, Petty and Santoku, as soon as the factory finishes the blades.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    An update on the Gihei range of HAP40 knives.

    We've finally had more of the HAP40 range produced and on their way to us. There's a Nakiri, Santoku and a 170mm Gyuto. We'll update the site with some photos after they get here. We've had these fitted with a magnolia D-handle and buffalo horn ferrule, where any others available we thing have the burned chestnut handles.

    So that makes the range, Gyuto in 170 & 200mm and a 165mm Nakiri and Santoku.

    The HAP40 in these blades is incredibly durable and maintains the edge better than almost anything we have seen. Mr. Hosokawa has mastered the HAP40 and that is no mean feat, considering the problems that some makers still have making it work properly. Hosokawa san has been working with HAP40 and ZDP189 for a long time and makes his knives post-learning curve so you don't have problems. They are a quiet revolution.

    We've been testing some HAP40 blades from a lesser maker for a while and they can take using the blade edges as a drumstick on a cutting board and still cut paper and tomatoes apparently un-blunted. We'll have some news about those knives which we're stocking under our own brand, but only because it would upset a very big supplier if we sold them as they are. Stay tuned.

    Cheers - Barry

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