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Thread: Bevels! Primary and Secondary

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    But because many get confused with primary and secondary I use the Japanese term "Itoba" or the English term "microbevel"

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    I've never personally considered microbevels to be real bevels. I guess in my way of thinking, the microbevel should always be completely removed for a true sharpening of the knife, establishing a new, acute, weaker edge. This is the bevel I call a primary bevel. Then you microbevel the primary bevel to add strength and edge retention. You can thin the knife above the primary bevel as well, generating what in my way of thinking is a secondary bevel.

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    I'm #1 but that is because of Dave. Intuitively though, #2 feels more right to me, I don't know why. Back and edge bevels are much clearer though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rulesnut View Post
    Camp #3. The edge bevel and the back bevel.
    I like this - I'm changing my vote

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