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Thread: Himalasalt bowl

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    I agree, snips.

    I recently was told "you eat with your eyes", but I had to disagree. I sincerely do not. I SHOP with my eyes, but I eat with my nose, then my mouth. I don't care what it looks like, as long as it looks like that on purpose. Just a pile of food on a plate? Fine by me! Homogeneous brown stew in a clay pot? Sure.

    Flavor, flavor, flavor.

    That said, my wife LOVES salt. This is a great gift item for salt fanatics.

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    i understand your point about someone who loves salt. i personally love salt as well. we have so many kinds of salt that we make ourselves. citrus, truffle, tea...the list goes on and on. the problem i have with that is not the concept or idea, but the cost in regards to what it will be used for. at the professional level, this would be something that would make up for a chefs lack of seasoning skills and as cool as it might be to have at home, it wouldn't get enough use for the cost (even at a house of two professional chefs). its silly for those reasons.

    i would like to agree with you about eating with your eyes as well. while i agree that presentation and originality are important along with service, concept and design of the location, they all added together do not even come close to flavor for me. the only thing that will ever come close to flavor in the scale of what is important in a dining experience is cleanliness of the chefs and restaurant.

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    Well I am talking about a canvas or vessel for food not some magical seasoning slab .
    and anyone who would use as a that probably need some lesson's
    but if i want to put green almond gazpacho and some santa barbara prawns in to one for my guest on my patio for a starter to a dinner party with just candle light on the table so it brings the color of the salt bowl through that just me.
    A clever cook can make good meat of a whetstone.” Erasmus

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