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Thread: New Project need help: Grand UnifiedStone Soaking Chart

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    for most stones that soak, yes (i.e. ceramic stones). For what its worth, they are made using much higher temps, and i've had stones in 100+ degree rooms with no problems at all. I probably wouldnt put many resinoid stones in there though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gic View Post

    In fact is there a good test to know if a stone has dried enough so it can be put away??

    Yes there actually is. Put the "dry" stone in a brown paper lunch bag, you'll know if it's dry pretty quick. The same seems to happen to those cardboard boxes that the stones come in too.

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    Sorry if this is considered a necro, but I like this information, so I made a google doc for this pdf. Editable by anyone.

    If the original author wants to take this and put it into their own google doc/etc, that's fine too, since it's their collection of information.

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    No I'm good with this

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    Awesome thread. I kind of have been soaking mine except for a really soft hakka koppa. The ones permanently being soaked are king 1200, SS 12k, king 1k/6k, and a lv4+ nakayama and some nagura fingerstones. I did it as an experiment and also to see if my lazy ways could be doable. Unfortunately not as it is annoying to change out the water, fairly often, the stones are perfectly fine and have no problems. The hakka was part of the perma-soak but it split in half about 6 or 7 months ago but luckily it was horizontal and fairly flat so I have 2 thinner hakkas now.

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