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Thread: Custom 270mm Rodrigue Gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristan View Post
    Umm, say, where do you live? I mean you keep your knives in the kitchen right? Near a window? Chef right? Keep late hours and all?
    Early morning hours, actually. I live in Montana, it's the little house with the big mean dog and all the guns.

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    Love the handle, those spacers are a really great feature!


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    This is a PM I sent to Pierre yesterday, but figured I'd share it here too since it's the review thread for the knife. I know this is a serious violation of some knife ethics--and possibly local or state laws!--but what the heck. It's my tool, damnit!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post

    Please don't be upset by the following story.

    I put an 11 hour shift in today (clocked in at 4am, gross) and when I came home, I had a note from the neighbors asking me to take down the overgrowth and weeds out back in the alley. It's on the property, but behind my fence so I forget about it, and it was out of control. Anyways, I was irritated and exhausted and knew my dinky electric weed-whacker wasn't going to be able to knock the bigger plant systems down--weeds up to my chest in some places. Thick branches twisting everywhere, fat juicy stem clusters to the left and right. The hedge trimmers would be way too slow, and aren't all that sharp... so, I did the only thing I could think of: I went to the kitchen and took out the Power Sword.

    It was amazing, lol. I hacked down woody stems almost 2 inches thick in places, as well as anything else in my way, and didn't once feel any resistance or have to strike the same place twice. The thing doubles as a god damn machete!

    The best part? Splattered and dripping with plant guts, I took the knife inside, cleaned it up, and the edge had only one slight roll about halfway down the blade which I stropped out. The face of the blade was unscratched.

    That's some seriously nice steel!!

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