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Thread: 240 Gyuto design and layout.

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    Ok still have some more handle profiling to do yet, just roughed it in real fast to see how i liked it. So far, so good! In this oic you can see the scratch. Going to see if i can get it out with some scotchbrite before i put the patina on it.

    Hopefully you guys like it....Next one will be a lot better.


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    Nice! That redwood is crazy.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Ok it is as finished as i could get it in the time allowed. Got the scrathes out almost completely, patina turned out pretty cool also. Turned out pretty good for my first one. Well...at least I think so lol.

    Already planning the next one. With a nikiri, petty and sujihiki to match

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    That turned out good, Mike!

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    I like the beveled front edge on the bolster/ferrule.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Thanks! I did that knife in a total time of 10 hours....Including HT. Now that i have had some fun making a kitchen knife...I will probably make a few more. I am going to try and have a petty finished to take with me to Del's this weekend.


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    Dang Mike that knife turned out nice.
    Very cool blade, handle and patina.
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    Thanks Mark! That is some of that sweet redwood i got from you

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    Looks great for a first knife! I'm not sold on the dropped heal, I don't think it'll help that much when rocking, but admittedly it's just speculation.

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    The dropped heel was a mistake lol. I was trying to get the scratches out in the plunge area and burned the heel a touch to thin lol. When i was trying to sharpen it, it flexed and bent so i just ground it off and resharpened it. It was only 1/2 in long so i don't think it will affect performance much, if any at all. So it was a mistake....I will happily admit it. I just chalk it up to a learning experience.


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