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Thread: 240 Gyuto design and layout.

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    Too Cool! making your own knives. Beautiful work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Davis View Post
    The dropped heel was a mistake lol. I was trying to get the scratches out in the plunge area and burned the heel a touch to thin lol. When i was trying to sharpen it, it flexed and bent so i just ground it off and resharpened it. It was only 1/2 in long so i don't think it will affect performance much, if any at all. So it was a mistake....I will happily admit it. I just chalk it up to a learning experience.

    A mistake? On your first knife?! How could you?!

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    A little bit of heel rounding can be a good thing, just because it will reduce "heel bite" which is when you arent paying attention enough, and catch your hand on the sharp/pointy 90 degree heel while handling the knife. Especially for people who are used to the giant safety gaurd/bolster of german blades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    A mistake? On your first knife?! How could you?!
    Sorry....I know...I fail.... :P
    I have never used..or even seen a german knife lol.

    Thanks guys

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    Very nice first effort!

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    That looks great It is very cool to see people jumping into knife making.

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    Looks great Mike!

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