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Thread: New video- Natural Stone Finishes

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    For folks like me who are not well informed about natural stones (yet), can you compare the stone in your video to the takashima awasedo you sell? $150 seems like a good place to start experimenting, but I'd be going in somewhat blind.

    On another note, is the wobble in that plastic pan hard to deal with? I wonder if a stainless steel pan would eliminate the wobble (unless that's something you want)?
    sure... i can try to shoot a video with the two stones soon.

    the wobble isnt normally that bad... i move the bridge to the side of the pan and it pretty much goes away. Stainless steel pans wobble more actually. I tested

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    Plus, try finding a working kitchen with hotel pans that still have flat bottoms. PSH. They're practically big bowls.

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