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Thread: New video- Natural Stone Finishes

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    New video- Natural Stone Finishes

    After shooting the double bevel sharpening video, i decided to have some fun. I thought it might be cool to show a natural stone in action and the finish that it leaves versus what you normally see from synthetic stones. Hope you enjoy it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about anything in the video.

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    Cool Man great vid!
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
    Lyrical arsonist it's arduous spitting this smartest arsenic/

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    Rad video Jon! Now I want a natural stone to play with for my single bevel knives. My fiancee and wallet send their thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TamanegiKin View Post
    Rad video Jon! Now I want a natural stone to play with for my single bevel knives. My fiancee and wallet send their thanks.
    lol... no problem

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    What stone are you using in the vid, Jon?


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    Lately I've been thinking about getting into the whole Kasumi finish thing(I just sharpen mine to work, but it's fugly), but I don't have the money(or need) to buy a whole natural stone. Any suggestions on where I can get some fingerstones to make for this kind of finish?

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    you can get a nice finish off of the takashima awasedo i sell (which arent too expensive relative to other options), or talk to Maxim. In the same way i'm obsessed with stones and knives, maxim is obsessed with natural stones and sharpening... he'd be the person i'd talk to if i were in your shoes.

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    You could have talked about the results with the natural stone and I would have never understood what you were try to say. This video makes the concept very clear that natural stones can do things that synthetics cannot although I still not sure why. I guess I'll have to wait for that "Ah haw" moment.

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    its a function of the type of abrasives, their ability to break down, and how the hardness of the stone effects the sharpening. I could get similar looking results with synthetics, but it would involve multiple stones and would still not look exactly the same... and the edge feel would be different.

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