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Thread: #1 is Done - FINALLY!!

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    #1 is Done - FINALLY!!

    After many many many problems and a lot of learning curve and even more hard knocks I've finally got knife #1 finished and ready to go. Is it exactly the way I want it though? No - not quite - but it's as best as I can do for my first attempt at making a knife.

    A few of the issues....

    1. Bolsters

    I wanted to go with mokume bolsters but this just isn't going to happen. I'll use mokume in the future for sure but it's too great of a loss to keep experimenting with at the moment.

    On the plus side I've made my standard option (linen micarta) work just fine and is giving me just the look I wanted. This is what I had planned to use after the first 12 were done in mokume.

    I'm not so certain that I love the silver pin in the bolster though, any thoughts on this?

    2. Edge Length

    It started out as a 240mm but I snapped off a good bit of heal by mistake and had to shorten the blade as a result. It's now 233mm.

    3. Choil/Bolster spacing

    Due to the length shortening I had to adjust this area as well. Normally I would prefer a western bolster to be closer to the choil.

    4. Logo/Markings

    They didn't come out nearly as nice as I had hoped for. I did some practice runs which I really screwed up on so this is a huge improvement but still they're light. I guess not bad for a first though.

    5. Tang

    The tang is a little too thick for my liking, it brings the weight back into the handle a bit too much. Fortunately the switch from mokume to micarta brought the balance point back out to 1" in from of the bolster - phew!

    Knife #2 can't be corrected for this either (scales are already on) but the rest will have thinned tangs from then on out.

    So what do you think?

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    I think you did good

    The logo shouldn´t be underlined....

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    looks good, Dave.

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    Woo! Looks great.

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    Well done Dave! I like the logo and the underlining, reminds me of 1950's logos and advertising.

    The silver pin through the black linen looks okay, maybe a mosiac might look better?
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    Damned fine job! Looks great! And +1 on the logo.

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    Looking good Dave. I like the spalted maple.

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    Very cool! And that logo looks great!
    Spike C
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    That's a really nice looking #1!! Great job Dave.

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    Thanks for the kind words guys.

    It's funny about the logo as I anguished over this decision for ages and finally went with this design pretty much for the reason that Jonnychance noted why he liked it. Doing the logo design and actually marking the knife has been the hardest mental part for me by far.

    So what about the silver pin in the bolster? I have some micarta pins on the way which will blend in better but I'm wondering if anyone likes the silver or if it's just a matter of that's OK....what's your preference? John mentioned a mosaic pin which I considered but didn't do on this one because the center handle pin is mosaic.

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