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Thread: Electrolux Design Lab 2011

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    Electrolux Design Lab 2011

    Damn! I love the Sous-vide Cell Cooker!

    As Im redoing my kitchen this winter I hope for cool solution like this. Sous-Vide is something I want to dive into

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    I love Electrolux products.
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    Too complicated stuff - unlikely to last for a long time. I dread to imagine what they come up with for a knife.


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    A lot of that didn't look very realistically marketable. Interesting thought experiments though.

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    Electrolux has been tossing around some big bucks on advertising for some time now. It makes me wonder if they have to advertise and push so hard what the long term quality of their products might be. Anyone have personal experiance with electrolux?

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    My parents had an electrolux canister vacuum from the early 80s that still works great.

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