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Thread: Ok help me sort out this food issue please

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    You can always look up your health dept in your area and find the food handlers test .
    take it and see how you score .

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    Quote Originally Posted by FryBoy View Post
    Don't your pots have lids? Those on mine seal very tightly as the pot cools.
    Its still not a 100% guaranteed that bacteria growth won't take place. I mean some bacteria is microscopic and im sure it can get in through the air and small cracks around the seal.

    The best bet is to just be cautious, place i have worked we do a couple different things. It its a big pot of stock, soup, or stew we will place it in the back sinks filled with ice and continually stir until it hits about 72, drain the water and add more ice until its down to 40, strain and place in the cooler.

    If your working with something smaller, or something like rice. We just place them in 200 pans and place in front of the fan in the walk-in to cool uncovered and it doesn't take very long just stir every 15 min or so and its usually cooled down within 20-30 min. I do this with sauces as well.

    From a professional standpoint its your job to make sure that the food you serve is of the highest quality and that also means the highest food safety is involved.

    At home im like most of you i just let things sit out until they cool. But at work we have to be very careful.

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    You know the great thing about botulism poisoning? if you survive, not only do you lose weight, but all of your wrinkles go away!!!!!

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