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Thread: Trouble in paradise

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    Trouble in paradise

    Just a quick personal update: As many of you know, I had left a secure academic position in Germany to take on the challenge of a similar position in a new field in Hawaii. While I know I did not perform at my optimum because of continued health issues over the past few years, I expected to apply for tenure this or next year and continue my career here in Hawaii. A few days ago I found out that the Dean does not support my tenure plans and - totally unexpected - decided not to renew my contract. This would mean that I now have a year to find a new job. I have always perormed in the top quarter of my professional field, so this is a totally new experience for me and probably the most difficult time in my professional life. Jobs at that level are hard to find, and I have no idea what will happen over the next year and where I will end up. Next year I will be turning 50, and I really did not expect to come into such a situation at this time in my life. I know, many of you may have gone through insecure times in your jobs, but it's a first for me, and it's always harder if it concerns yourself...

    I decided to post this because many of you have become virtual or real friends over the past few years. And I also wanted to mention it because I am still sitting on a pile of handle orders. This whole decision process regarding my future happened over the past few weeks, and I just had a hard time focusing on woodworking while my professional career was at stake. I hope you understand. I will try to get more things done as soon as I am up for it, but I need to prioritize on the job situation first. I am looking into appeal options and will talk to the union, bit it's looking very dim. Finding a way to sleep at night wouldn't be bad either...



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    Stefan, I'm sorry to hear this. If your Dean was an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick! (thanks, Garth)

    I, and I'm sure many others here, have been down this road. But it sounds like you have an excellent track record, and just need to ride it out until the right thing comes up.
    Rather then getting depressed, this would be an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in your handle work without the burden of worring about the tenured position. Find your peace in your work and concentrate on your health.
    I'm sure this sounds cliche, especially to some in your field, but it's the best this old dog can give ya.
    You have a lot of friends here. Don't forget that.


    PS. Source Naturals St. John's Positive Thoughts. Bourbon chaser. Helps me get some sound sleep. In fact, last night I slept through an earthquake.
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    I hope you find a solution!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post
    I hope you find a solution!
    That is very unfortunate. Will you be looking for work outside Hawaii?


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    Sorry to hear it, Stefan. Academic careers sure can be a bite in the ass sometimes.

    I'm sure it'll turn out better than you think! I'm willing to bet next year is going to be very eventful for you.

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    What field do you teach in? I can check at the school I teach at (Augustana College) to see if there will be any openings. Western Illinois isn't exactly Hawaii

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    I really wish you the best Stefan. The academic world can be fickle these days it seems. A professor friend of mine dodged a bullet and left a program before they shuttered the whole thing. Then he got tenured at a small college but chose to leave it because he didn't like how things were going. We all love your handles, but more than that I hope you land in a good place.

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    stefan....hope everything works out for the best.....ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    I'm feeling for you my friend and hoping that the future brings you an even better life than the one you've been leading.

    PS - I despise the American workplace.

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    so sorry to hear that, hope you find a new job soon.

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