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Thread: Look what Jon found for me #2

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    Look what Jon found for me #2

    This is the latest addition to my mizu-honyaki yanagiba collection. Made by Ashi Hamono, it is white steel #2 with an outstanding handle of horn (I think, it's been a while since I placed the order) and wood with metal spacers. Jon sent me the pics. Can't wait to see it "in the flesh".

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    Very cool knife, especially the handle. Congratz...

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    Really nice!

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    So it was YOOOUUUU

    That is a really great looking knife, seriously! It's got it all going on!

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    great looking knife, enjoy

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    Very cool handle, similar to what I wanted to try if I ever have time... Just wondering: Are these spacers curved or is that just an illusion? Even more in the other one you posted, it almost looks like they are curved and the other materials are carved to match them.


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    Fanciest and farthest departure from tradition. Salty's Nenohis are pretty fancy for japanese made, but still in the traditional form.

    Stefan I think it is an optical illusion. It is just glued before hand at an angle, then when you cut in the shape of the octagonal handle, the sides that are between the top and side of the handles make it look curved.

    And man, that is a jaw dropper. Very nice.
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