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Thread: Need Recommendation

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    So I broke out the calipers, here are measurements of the Kagayaki VG-10 24cm chef knives.

    Measured at the spine: heel, 1/2, tip
    western: 2.1mm, 1.8mm, 0.4mm
    WA: 2.35mm, 2.2mm, 0.4mm

    about .5mm behind the edge: heel, 1/2, tip
    western: .4mm, .3mm, .2mm
    WA: .45mm, .35mm, .2mm

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    Henckels fusion. Great fit and finish. Kinda like the hattori FH for 40% less.10 inches for 140. Love the handle and the reground choi. Did I mention great fit and finish. If I were recommending for a friend I would go with the fusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman01 View Post
    These have been around for more than a year I think. I own the 24cm with Wa and western handle, as well as the 15cm petty. Decent knives that take and hold a keen edge very well. And by the way, in reality, the purple looks much darker, so you don't have to fear being laughed because of purple handles.

    By the time they were new, there was a long thread with lots of pictures over at KF.
    I just took a look at this. If I was not a knife nut I would be totally wowed by this knife. But I stand by a 270mm, most pros like a bigger knife. Think of how many pros over the years have joined looking for a " really big chef knife". I'm not saying that a 360mm knife is more useful just saying size is impressive.

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    Most western handled gyutos are pretty similar in their blade profile, the differences are subtle. If you want to impress someone who's never used a Japanese gyuto before and are also on a budget, I would pick either the Fujiwara FKM as a true stainless which has impeccable FF, or if you wanted to go with a semi-stainless, I would pick the Kikuichi TKC.

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    Yeah thanks for the recommendation on a 5 year old thread. Come on man.
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
    Lyrical arsonist it's arduous spitting this smartest arsenic/

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