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Thread: Another new Miyabi line

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandknifenut View Post
    I actually work at SLT and saw the knives come in this week. I was playing around with the 9.5" gyuto which was nice to see a true 240mm. The older Morimoto 600d line was a 10".

    This new one is really very nice. Already, the Miyabi's were becoming my top pick in the store based on fit and finish(rounded spine, matte "damascus", nice spine taper, slight flexibility etc). This new line holds up on all those points and if you like the D-shape handle it's very comfortable.

    Weighed in at 226 grams. Blade shape seems very slightly different than the 600D, possibly slightly shallower all around and still possessing that slight curvature to the edge all along the blade that doesn't quite give you the true longer flat section of a traditional J-knife. Still though, chopping through some carrots and celery with straight horizontal cuts worked very nicely without leaving uncut edges of the veg.

    All in all, in my short few minutes of playing around I was very impressed. Definitely thumbs up in the retail available grouping and if I wasn't receiving a Wa-Gyuto off ebay in a few days, I would really consider a purchase on this.

    Any specific questions about it, please let me know and I'll take a further look.
    can you take some measurements of the 240mm one?
    For example:
    spine thickness above heel, middle , 1 cm before tip.
    thickness of heel half way to the edge and 1cm from edge.


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    Checked these out today, they look pretty nice. I have a few Shun classics and i think these look a bit nicer for a similar price. Might even give the utility knife a try pretty soon....


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