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Thread: Hope all our Norwegian brothers are OK

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    Hope all our Norwegian brothers are OK

    My thoughts go out to the victims of this despicable attack on Oslo. Hope all the KKF members and their families are OK.


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    Yeah...that's one place you wouldn't expect something like that to happen. I fear for Western Civilization.
    Though I could not caution all I still might warn a few; Don't raise your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools. - Robert Hunter

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    I was at Darkhoeks home yesterday. And even though we had a wonderful meal and spoke about food/knives and other things, we had the news on in the background. Its been a sad day. Over 80 killed at a young political interrested camp

    The work of one man! Nationalist Norwegian age 32. Damn!
    I feel for those who lost someone this day!

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    yeah... i read about this in the news earlier today... horrible tragedy. Hope you guys out there are doing ok.

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    Norway is now waking up to the terrible news. Its 0717 here now, and 0800 the primeminister will speak to the nation. Over 87 people killed, and the number is rising

    Im sad for everyone today

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    I feel for Norway and the western world today. Hope all is well and know I got your backs!

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    It is truly a sad day for Norway. As Øivind said we gathered yesterdeay at my house for a good meal and some lusty knife talk, but the actions of apparently one single individual extremist wacko darkened the day and night significantly.
    My thoughts go to all of the involved in this terrible tragedy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by euphorbioid View Post
    My thoughts go out to the victims of this despicable attack on Oslo...
    +1 I never would have guessed it would happen in Norway. The crazies are everywhere...

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    That is insanely tragic!
    I'm sorry for your guys.

    Is that guy being tried? Or is he dead?

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    Yesterday we saw the worst and best in humans.
    The worst is the hell one man left behind - killing over 92 young people coldbloded. He was dressed as a policeman and killed 85 youngsters on a camp. He shouted that he was from the police and then shot them when they came towards him. He was caught by Norwegian SWAT team, unharmed.

    The best is all the people in Norway holding together, helping each other and all the people involved in helping the victims. All bars was closed yesterday and so will it be today. All stores was also closed in Oslo today. Norwegian rise togheter from the attack. And now is a time to work togheter with both norwegians and immigrants, we join hand together and work for a better place together.

    Im happy I have friends around me, and during time like this the friendship only gets stronger. No terrorist will ever break Norway, we only become stronger!

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