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Thread: Hope all our Norwegian brothers are OK

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    This is a national tragedy. It seams like alot of people know somebody hurt or killed. I just got a SMS from an old GF. Her mother was killed by the bomb

    There will me a demo tomorrow against terror. A lot of people will walk to show that we stand together against terror.

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    You know, people get pretty bloodthirsty here in America, ready to do the worst possible things to people the public has decided are guilty.

    But when I heard that he maximum punishment for this is 21 years?!!?! Is Norway INSANE?! He doesn't even think it was wrong, he doesn't even think he committed a CRIME. You may feel the humane thing to do is imprisonment instead of just putting him down like the cancer to society that he is, but to let him go is accessory to his future crimes.

    Someone here said, "Well, someone's going to kill him when he gets out."(this is Texas, after all) But from what I know of Norway, nobody will do that.

    21 years. People get more than that here for stealing postal packages from porches.

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    All criminals are not released after the 21 years. They can be held longer if the situation warrants it.
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    Hate can kill one human, but it cannot kill a society..
    Even though he killed a lot of people, we can not be scared to silence. The answer from Norwegians was not hate, but we fight hate with love...

    Last night all cities across Norway people gathers to light candles, in Oslo 200 000 people gathered in a "rose demostration". Ive heard cities across the world gathered people to show love...

    Here some pics:


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    A touching gesture, but roses make lousy body armor.
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