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Thread: What knives would be good for opening coconuts?

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    Looks like someone forgot his anti-slip, his cutting boards a bit wobbly =] That was in response to the youtube video, think I hit the wrong button.

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    I had a massive accident a long while ago with a coconut a blunt cleaver, and my left hand when I was too young to know better about knives.

    I don't open coconuts anymore just because of the bad memories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aranyik View Post it ok for me to respond to questions directed at my company?

    Hi and welcome to KKF!

    You may answer questions directed at your company as long as your answers don't contain links to sales pages or pricing or any kind of advertising.

    We welcome your input and look forward to your presence here at KKF.

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    O.k. Thanks I appreciate it. Your site has been throwing me a few referrals lately so I stopped in to have a look.

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    Golluk has my vote. Any type of machete will do. A Billhook type shape on the end can be good for the last bit.

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