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Thread: Shapton glass stones- best combo of grits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    My guess is a belt sander, which is a very viable option. No stone is soft enough to convex an edge in it's own right.
    Yeahh... it's not a true convex bevel, more like several compound bevels blended together, like Jon said. And honestly, it's more about aesthetics than performance

    You can use the same motions and cut the same compound bevel with a hard stone, and you won't notice any difference in performance blindfolded. But it'll look jacked up, like a diamond with irregular facets.

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    You can definitely put a convex edge on by hand on stones. You actually have no choice if you are freehanding.

    As far as the irregular bevels, it's all muscle memory, and though you will still have some faceting going on, stropping will blend them together(one of the reasons I think some amount of stropping is not optional for proper freehanding).

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