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Thread: Push cut no bueno

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    Quote Originally Posted by sel1k1 View Post
    I have not been using the cork between stones for 2 reasons; I didn't notice a difference when I was using it before(but this was when I had just completed my stone set and very new to sharpening) and I ran out of corks. The felt I don't have either; where can I look for this preferably not online if possible so I can use it today or tomorrow?

    Have you put your Birchwood through your stones? How long is your edge lasting? How much are you using/rotating/alternating at work? I re-etched mine after sharpening it a few times to get rid of the scratch marks
    Do you cut paper between stones as you sharpen? Cut paper after stone, deburr through cork, then cut again; you should be able to feel the difference. Get some more corks from work! Felt I think you would have to order online.

    I have sharpened my Birchwood, many times. I would say I get a good week's worth out of the edge, but I haven't used it at work in awhile, especially exclusively. It has dropped behind a few other gyutos on the depth chart and hasn't been getting a lot of love lately. Not that it is bad, just have some new knives I've been getting to know.
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    Don't push so hard.

    Deburr between stones.

    Chase that burr.

    Hold your angle steady.

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    This is a quick update; yesterday I was able to make it to the only leather shop that I know of in Seattle that sells latigo leather, there I searched two giant bins full of latigo scraps, I searched piles and piles and finally I found a nice big piece about 14" wide and 3'(feet?) long.

    I don't have anything to load the strop with at the moment and since I won't be getting corks until today, I put the suji and the birchwood through the progressions with deburring on pieces of cardboard inbetween stones. I also used the cardboard after the last polishing stone then stropped on leather. More finesse was used when going to the 3000 and 8000, not as much pressure.

    The edges are much better and do seem a lot more smooth. Goes through a tomato nicely with paper thin. Not exactly fall through push cuts, but just a little motion, it's nice. I will use the suji on our Ahi Sashimi dish we are doing and see how it works out. I should have picked up a 25 lbs of Ahi last night at the grocery store to test out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    It could be a dozen things.

    I also doubt that fugi suji ever will.
    Are you still using your suji FKH? What angles and sharpening do put it though? Thought I remember reading you have one of these I could be mistaken.

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    Yes I do. Actually I was thinking of the FKM suji not the FKH. (I get them mixed up)

    The FKH is still at 12/16

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