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Typically these knives are variable in quality, depending on age and origin. The ones made from 440C with good heat treatment in the US are not bad, although the profile and geometry isn't great as found. The ones made in China (which usually do not have the model numbers) are junk. QC was quite variable as seen by the obvious differences in geometry for what should be identical knives,

I have a pair of 42S knives, sharpened them up at 15 degrees per side, and other than more wedging than I would like, they work pretty well. Edge retention isn't great, but they are 440 stainless, what do you expect? I may learn to thin using them, good knives for that purpose as I don't really care if I mess them up.

As inexpensive knock around/lending knives they are great, easy to sharpen, hold a usable edge, and cheap enough if they walk off you won't be crying!

I found a 42S and use it for a pizza knife. The edge has never held up well. After reading your comments I think I will also thin this one to 17 degrees and see what happens. How can you tell the USA 440C from the Chinese models. Is it by a stamping in the steel or on the handle? Thanks, Craig