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Thread: Look at all the lurkers!!

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    I lurked for a while on a previous forum before starting to chime in every once in a while. I don't always have a whole lot to add given the depth of experience and knowledge here, but there are definitely times to add a point of view here or there or to ask questions to clarify something. Lurkers are definitely welcome to come on in from the shadows

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edge View Post
    Though I found this forum about a month ago, I've just signed up to become a member. I feel truly lucky to have found a place that offers such superb reviews of products, as well as world class artisans from knife makers, handle makers, and knife sharpeners. The amount of information here is mind boggling. Maybe just reading and talking about knives will help me subdue the urge to splurge on more knives for the time being, or at least give me a few different small projects to help me pass the time in between.


    Welcome to KKF Taylor!

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    Much appreciated Dave. I look forward to see how your own projects are coming along, as well as Marko. On a side note, I had put in a custom order for a cutting board on Marko's site, and didn't realize till a couple days ago that he is no longer making them with his passion moving towards producing his own knives. Just my luck, but on the bright side, maybe I'll end up just making my own, and end up saving a couple of bucks in the mean time.


    In addition, it seems like it's a huge plus to get to know you guys in here, not just for the range of knowledge, but knowing what goes into producing a knife by hand. Not to mention, when it does come time for me to go the full custom route, which makers to choose, and how much is on their plates at the time to know what kind of a wait I'm in for.

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    I lurked for ages before I realised there are many more forums that are accessible once you have registered. Felt a bit stupid when I finally did

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    I've lurked on this forum for a while now and learnt a hell of a lot. This is a great source for knife information and its definitely fueled a new addiction.

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