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Thread: Just Signed Up!

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    Just Signed Up!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm currently a cook at a country club in the Hamptons and new to this forum. I have been lurking for a little bit as my curiosity in Japanese Knives grew. I really want a gyuto but can't decide on a size to start with and there are some many to choose from!

    Anyway, I'm just saying Hi.


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    Hi Sid, Welcome!

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    Hi welcome!

    you'll get lots of reccomendations from people here.

    Give a price range and your past experiences and you'll have some advice soon.

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    Welcome! If you are looking for suggestions, you can always fill out this questionnaire and we'll fill your brain and empty your wallet for you!

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    Welcome, Sid!


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    Welcome, glad you signed up!

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    Thanks for the welcoming everybody!

    I want a stainless, western style gyuto, I just cant decide on a 210mm or 240mm.

    I work in a country club where we have a la carte service and big events going on at the same time, so my deal of prep is quite a bit.

    It will be replacing my 8in Chef's knife that I got from culinary school.

    My budget is $150.

    I am used to an 8in Chef's knife and an 8in x 3.75in Chinatown Veg-Cleaver that I got for $8, so I am doing a combo of push cutting, up and down chopping, and rocking. But as of recent I have been only pulling out my $8 veg-cleaver, and my paring knife for everything. I'm really surprised that this piece of metal from Chinatown has retained its edge since day one. If you ask me its pretty ridiculous but I can chop a whole 4in deep lexan of mirepoix, take one swipe to butterfly chix breasts, and still slices tomatoes like its nothing.

    I use pinch grip and choke up a bit.

    I use a pretty soft cutting board at work, maybe one of those yellow saniboards. I'm not too sure, we also have the generic whiteboards.

    I have never put my knives to the stone but I know my Chef's knife can use it. So sharpening will be a learning experience as I go along this journey of Japanese knifes. My Tojiro DP 90mm paring knife is a little beast, it runs through chickens like its made for it.

    I keep all of my knives in blade guards in my roll.

    Thats pretty much it. I have been looking at the Fujiwara FKM, Tojiro DP, as I have read that are excellent for the price. I also like the Suisin Inox Western style with the two toned handles because they are attractive and I have read that they are pretty good knives.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hi Sid, welcome to the forum! These guys will have little issue helping you spend your money! Have fun!

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Go for the 240mm, you will never look back. You will be amazed at how much quicker your prep will go.

    As for the knife, the Suisin is not bad, but the Fujiwara is just as good and substantially less money. With the money you save on the knife you would be able to get yourself a good combination whet stone to sharpen your knives with.

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