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Thread: Just Signed Up!

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    The Tojiro and Fujiwara are great options, the Suisin is a great knife IME, but not priced as competitively(if you like the look that much, though, go for it, it's still a reasonably priced sharp). The DP is a bit harder than the FKM, and a skotch thinner. My DP was the knife purchase that changed my life, but it does need some TLC if you want it to be really good, because the handle is blocky and the spine is sharp. Also, I'm lately getting a bit annoyed with the fact that my 210 DP is balanced at the bolster, and it's not suited for general purpose work at my job, so I'd go with at least a 240, but I prefer around 270 for an "all rounder" at work.

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    Thanks for all of the welcomes guys! And the input as well. I think Im going to get the Suisin 240mm gyuto as I do feel a bit cramped with just an 8in blade, and I also feel that I'll be able to prep a lot faster. I had to dice 5 gallons of tomatoes today for salsa, did it with my veg-cleaver pretty quick, but I think I could have done it faster with a bigger blade. Who knows, maybe I wont like it at all. Is there any adjustment I need to make switching from an 8in Chef's to a 240mm gyuto?

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