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Thread: Need a line knife

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    Need a line knife

    I need a line knife replacement pretty badly. I was wondering if anyone had some experience with a suitable knife. Cladded or stainless, compact(santoku probably), tough... Basically able to take some abuse that comes with a busy Friday/Saturday service.

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    Hi Shnaw! Welcome! Someone will have options for you forsure.

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    I've been using my yoshihiro skd nakiri lately.
    If I needed something with a tip I'd rock a gesshin 210 petty/suji.
    Both are stainless and compact enough to keep on the line.
    Good luck on the search!

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    I was going to push for the nakiri/usuba, but for line work, general purpose like the petty or santoku would be more practical. doesn't appear like you got alot of time one your hands so I would recommend sur la table, they have a great return policy and can get your knife to you in a few days.

    Their Miyabi line is good, the MC series has very good edge retention and the vg-10's are also are good. Also PM Jon (JKI) to see his rec. on Gesshin line and how fast he can get one to you.

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    Welcome, Shnaw!

    What station are you working? What would you be cutting? Protein w/o bones, protein with bones (like lamb rack), or just veg.


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    I'd get a 210 petty. I got one a while ago and it pretty much replaced one of my gyutos, I only take 1 to work now rather than 2

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    I just ordered a Gesshin Ginga 210 suji for that purpose.. The other option that was suggested was the Suien VC 210 Gyuto.. Its carbon tho if I'm not mistaken.

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    I have two line knives a santoku- misono 7" and a gesshin ginga 210mm petty. I would suggest the gesshin overall though, its very light and thin so it stays out of the way but is long enough to slice or chop. It also had pretty decent edge retention. Also if you need a knife quick jon at jki has great service recieved mine the next day! Also for the price you can't beat it imo.

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    There's a questionnaire that will help us figure out your needs, it might help to fill that out.

    Depending on many things(especially your budget and target foods), you could get a Tojiro DP, a Murray Carter Funayuki, etc etc. The options are almost endless.

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    I have been a fan of old hickory knives for a long time...when I was cooking on the line that is what I used. Its not fancy, and they don't look cool, but they cut like a champ for hours on end, it's a take a licking and keep on ticking type of knife...the steel is a carbon 1095 and you can get a 7, 10, or 14 inch. All for under 15 bucks. It's the Chinese cleaver of American knives. (I will probably take alot of crap for saying this, but I really love these knives.)

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