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Thread: Looking for a small set of knives, an help much appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    When they first arrived I was absolutely amazed at how sharp they were; I had never used a knife as sharp. My colleague tried them, and a somewhat terrifying grin appeared on his face.
    From the stock/factory edge? Just wait several months after you get good at sharpening and remember that will look back and see those as relatively dull. Man, I'm excited for you just starting your journey!

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    As you're living in Europe you may get Chosera and Naniwa stones much cheaper than our American friends at Edenwebshops.
    My suggestion would be to get a relatively coarse stone as well. You will need it whenever you will want to adapt the edge to your wishes, especially in the case of the Aogami Super steel. I use 400, 800 and 3000 Choseras. Regards.

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    I have ordered bester and chosera stones from dieter Schmidt in Germany and they arrived quickly, being Europe no import duty as well, Dictum tools also in Germany have a good range of stones. If you want king stones they were on sale at greenman bushcraft in the UK but that was a few months ago. I'll check later today and post some links.
    In terms of progression I'd go for a 1k and 4k or a 1k/6k combo stone plus a piece of leather to strop the edge on

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