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Thread: Android Steel Chart 2.1 published

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    Works on the droid 3, awesome app gator!
    Randy Jr
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    2.27 was uploaded on the market last week. Finally I was able to track down the installation issue on some HTC models, added workaround for that problem, although can't say I'm happy. The prob is somewhere deep inside HTC code, but workaround works for majority of HTCs.
    If the database install fails, it still can be restored from the database menu.

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    I just want to add this was the first app I downloaded. It's great.

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    Knife Steel Chart 3.50 is available on the market now. Compared to last few updates this one required quite a bit more coding. Therefore, despite all my testing, chances of new bugs are higher. Please let me know if you catch any of them.

    New feature "Listings" replaced old "Std" menu item. Now you can quickly switch alloy listings not only between standards but also Countries, Makers and technologies.
    Also, makers are represented as a choice list, you won't have to type the name, much faster than typing, no potential typos too.
    Added about dialog, accessible from the main menu, has a "rate this app" button which opens app page on the market, so you can show your support

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    I loved the last version. But unfortunately it doesn't work from the sd card. Have to keep it on the sideline until I get a new phone.

    This sounds even better.
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    Thanks! I meant to add SD card feature forever... Never got to it. I suppose I'll do it for the next upgrade.

    P.S. For the iphone crowd. 1.1. steel chart for iphone was submitted to Apple for their "review" process. They sure like to take time with the reviews. 1.0 was approved in 8 days, I guess 1.1. will have the same fate. I've removed 1.0 from the market back in Jan, and considering that I found a crash in 1.0, I do not want to put it on the market now. So, you'll have to wait few days more till "their holiness" approves it...

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    I did screw up after all. 3.50 has a crash for old Android versions, when you click the menu button. Fixed it already, 3.51 was tested on old androids as well.

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    Knife steel chart 3.60 is on the google play.
    Added SD card support for Android 2.2 and higher. Application can be moved to SD card, however the data files must remain on the phone, which requires about 1mb space on the device. Use Android Settings/Applications menu to move app.

    For the moment, moving all data to SD card would require dropping support for old android devices below 2.1, and since there are few hundred users using the app on those, I can't do that.

    Based on your Android OS decision, app will be installed on the phone or SD card. After that you can move app between those two using Settings/Applications menu. Simply copying the app to SD card will result in a crash.

    Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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    Got the newest via auto update this morning. Spent a few minutes with it, and all looked good. Android 2.3.4.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Happy to report, app passed 10K download count
    And I'm proud that out of almost 100 ratings, all but one are 5 and 4 stars Thanks everyone for support, keep them coming.

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