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Thread: Android Steel Chart 2.1 published

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    New version is up, 3.70.
    Added history, or recently viewed item under listings, shows last 50 viewed steels, fixed few bugs, UI and settings related, reworked UI to be more uniform and so on... Enjoy

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    Version 3.72 is up. Added Belgian(NBN) and Hungarian(MSZ) standards. Improved support for hi res phones.

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    Downloaded on my phone. Will try later with the tablet.

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    Version 3.80 went online today, an hour ago. Fixed a crash which appeared last week, due to incorrect db data. UI improvements, speed and memory optimizations. Also, included in the app are alloying element effects descriptions. In both, alloy detail and graph views "Elements" menu item displays a list of chemical elements composing alloy(s) and tap on the ? next to the name displays its effects.

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    Knife steel chart for Android ver. 3.90 posted on google play.

    A lot of new features and bug fixes this time:

    New Features:
    Added Bookmarks, including import and export; Now you can mark alloys and view them in a separate group Listings/Bookmarks.
    Country codes, Standard codes, element effects and other metadata are downloaded from the server; I.e. I can add new standards and country codes without releasing new app.
    Added toolbars in all major views; Since it's faster and I got tired of complaints that app had no search, apparently not everyone could find menu button on their anrdoid phone...
    Added support for multiuser environments;
    Disabled dialog buttons look different;
    Updated help file;
    Added Quick search bar to the steel list, displays alloys containing search string;
    Performance Optimizations in the browser list;
    Detail view can handle complex links;
    Detail view shows Maker, Standard, Country and Technology;
    Increased line spacing in the steel detail view; Easier to read and tap on the ref. name links.
    Graph In Atomic count mode doesn't display decimals, gives more space;
    Added group boundary indicators;
    Element legend popup in graph hides on touch on empty space, shown by default;

    Enjoy and Merry Christmas

    P.S. iPhone version with corresponding changes will follow in 1-2 months.

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    Mine updated earlier today. Continued thanks for all the work you put into this.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Just updated mine, thanks for all the work you put into it.

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    gator ; good to see you again.cranky72--[dennis strickland]

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    Thanks guys
    Cranky. I had no idea you were Dennis Good to see you too and Happy new year everyone!

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    Knife steel chart for Android ver. 3.91 posted on google play.

    You need to back up your bookmarks before downloading this update, and then import them. I'll add automatic bookmark migration in the next version.

    What's new:
    Unified Search
    Bookmarks Sorted By Name
    Browser Window Title Shows When Filtering Is Active By More Than One Criteria
    Note Search String Became Inclusive, Returns All Alloys Containing Search String
    Improved Note Lookup Algorithm For Aliased Alloy Names
    Considerably Improved App Loading Time
    Reduced Memory Footprint For Deep Hierarchy Navigation
    On Restore App Returns To The Last View

    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed potential crash on app startup for older devices

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