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Thread: Android Steel Chart 2.1 published

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    Thanks! Lemme know how does it look on the tablet. ATM, I am considering to buy Galaxy 10.1 and develop tablet specific steel chart, those have a lot more screen real estate and unlike web version, they don't have to deal with long response times when loading whole tables, so I have more room to improvise....

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    well, i have the eee pad transformer, so i can let you know how it works on that

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    he he I think we gotta get you a tablet for your BD, may be you'll get into it Not that you don't like hanging around the comp anyway.
    Jon, whatever input I can get is good, according to android dev home, my app is good for 520 devices, and no way I am buying/seeing/testing on all of those...

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    so far so good on mine... i'll test on my phone later, but it looks nice on the tablet. Maybe just one thing... too many steels

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    Works great on my Atrix. Thanks Gator!

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    Thanks for the input.
    Just uploaded an update. There were 2 bugs reported today, fixed them both. Although, I commend someone's superhuman clicking abilities for bringing up the menu before the app's first view was created...

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    Very interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Knife Steel chart for android 2.2 went online few minutes ago.

    1) Fixed integrated search and suggestions. Knife steels are searchable from phone global search again. Make sure knife steel compositions is checked in Settings>Search>Searchable Items list.
    2) Fixed back navigation problems in alloy detail views.
    3) Fixed crashes in error reporting.
    4) Latest database dump as of 2011-09-25

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    Hi All,

    Uploaded new version today - 2.25, fixes navigation issues for some alloy links in the alloy notes section. As I was updating the application file, market console either crashed or did something funky. As a result, new verion is there, but upload date is old, from prev. version.
    I am not sure if automatic update will work correctly. If you don't have notification to update the app, then simply delete existing app and download it again:

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