How to order a handle from Honu Mana Wa Handles.

Itís actually quite simple. The first step is to read the Custom Pricing Guide below. This will give a idea of what kinda cost youíre looking at. The second step is to send me a PM or email me at, letting me know what youíre looking for. Helpful info to include is what kind of blade it will be going on and any pics you find helpful in describing what you want. Thatís it, from there itís just a matter of communicating back and forth until we settle on a design.


1. Do I require a deposit or upfront payment?- Nope, payment is only due after I have completed your handle, sent you pics, and you decide you like it.

2. If after I receive my handle I find that it doesnít feel or look right, or I find it unsatisfying in some other way, am I stuck with it?- Nope. As long as it is still in original condition, just send it back and Iíll refund all your money, or make another handle that does work for you. Your choice. If after the handle is mounted it doesnít feel right in hand, Iíll make you a new handle (no cash refunds for mounted handles) and remount it. If Iím remounting your handle for customer satisfaction rework, Iíll pay for USPS Priority shipping both ways, but youíll be responsible for any extra insurance you desire. I hope that makes sense. If not, just ask. The bottom line is that Iím not going to consider the transaction complete until you are satisfied. Period.

3. How long will it take to get my handle?- That depends. My standard answer is 4-6 weeks. I have a regular 40hr a week job and make handles on the weekends. Some weekends I have to do other things, and some weekends I go fishing, but 4-6 weeks generally covers it. Sometimes itíll take longer if I have to order supplies (Iím on an island, I canít even get sanding disks locally), and sometimes life just happens.

4. What do I do if I have a problem with my handle in the future?- Send me a PM or an email, weíll work it out.

5. Iím not sure I want the turtle on the end of the handle, can I order a handle without it?- Sorry, no. The ĎHonuí inlay on the butt of the handle is my makers mark and I donít sell handles without it.

6. How are youíre handles finished?- I typically sand my handles to 2000grit, then apply multiple coats of thinned tung oil. After the tung oil finish cures, I polish the handles to 8000grit using 3M micro polishing sheets.

7. Is all your wood stabilized?- No. Different woods have different needs. Many of the denser tropical hardwoods, such as rosewoods, do not benefit from stabilization. Other woods, like maple or Calif buckeye, really need to be stabilized. And of course, some woods can go either way. Good examples of woods that can be used both stabilized and not are Hawaiian koa and amboyna burl.

Custom Handle Pricing Guide (all prices U$D)

Base Price-Base price for any custom handle is $120. This will cover a handle with features up to, and including, matching ferrule and endcap with standard spacers (fiber or Bakelite).

Premium Woods- Some wood is much more expensive than average and may incur an additional charge on a case by case basis. Some examples would be snakewood, Honduran rosewood, and ancient bog oak.

Metallic Spacers (copper, brass, bronze, and nickel/silver)- Metallic spacers up to 1/16Ē thick are $15 for the first one, and $10 for each additional spacer. Thicker spacers or endcaps will be priced on a case by case basis. These prices are per handle, not per order.

M3 Spacers- M3 spacers are usually an additional $10 each.

Other materials- Materials not listed above are priced on a case by case basis.

Mounting- Handle mounting is an additional $35 plus actual return shipping and insurance cost. Insurance coverage is as specified by customer.

Shipping- Domestic shipping is included in the base price. International customers will be charged the actual shipping cost. All shipping is USPS Priority Mail.

Payment- Payment is not due until I have finished your handle and you like it. Preferred payment method is via PayPal, but I will accept check or Postal money order. If paying by check or money order, merchandise will not be shipped until payment clears.

Honu Mana Wa Handles policyís on using customer supplied wood.

As a general rule I prefer to use wood from my own stock when making a handle. However, if a customer has a particular piece of wood that they would like a handle made out of, thatís not a problem either. For business and liability reasons however, Iíve had to establish the following policyís governing the use of customer supplied wood:

1. Please do not send me any wood until we are ready to actually make a handle.

2. Any customer supplied wood that has already been stabilized must have been stabilized by K&G in Arizona or Craig Stevens (all stabilized blanks sold by Burl Source and Dream Burls are done by K&G).

3. If the wood needs to be stabilized Iíll be happy to include it in my next shipment to K&G. Cust will be charged actual cost for this.

4. I accept no financial liability for cust supplied wood. It doesnít happen often anymore, but sometimes I still trash a handle beyond recovery. If I trash your wood Iíll make every effort to find a suitable replacement from my stock, but I will not provide financial compensation nor will I purchase wood specifically to replace it.

5. Because the majority of the cost of making a handle is time and effort, the base price for a custom handle still applies to customers who supply their own wood.

Be well,